Drishtantoism, a philosophical theory, is neither a blind exponent of modern and postmodern literature and philosophies nor an extreme opponent of them, wants to make the readers (or the society argument-prone and freedom-loving. This philosophy takes importantly the positive and creative aspects of the mentioned two flows of literature and philosophy criticizing their existing backwardness and darkwardness, and extremely supports the exposition of thing-based reality ignoring every intangibility and invisibility.

Drishtantoism is an ultramodern philosophy of the world, is founded from Bangladesh by Bengali poet Shobuj Taposh from the beginning of 21st century.  The philosophy is based on some eastern and western philosophical theories like lokayata (Charvaka), Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamism, Baulism, Existentialism, Pragmatism, Logical Positivism, Individualism etc. and on the literary and artistic theories like Surrealism, Dadaism, Imagism, Futurism, Symbolism etc. Taposh is circulating the world philosophy by discussing Bengali poetry. At the time of discussing the poetry, he has touched Bengali mind and has given importance to the other philosophies of the world.

Like other philosophies, Drishtantoism is established by some principles too. The philosophy has stood on ten principles. Of them two have been published. The two are, ‘Neither theist nor atheist but religious’ and ‘Be good only for saving yourself and the world’. In the second chapter of the scholastic article, ‘In Drishtantoist sight Journey for Enjoying Poetic Beauty’ (main text of Drishtantoism), Taposh has given a short brief of the two principles. More over, he has given open brief in his weblog. The rest of them will be had in future respectively.


The first bearer of Drishtantoism is Dheeu (a little magazine edited by poet Shobuj Taposh has been published since 2001). The philosophy has already touched the mind of some poets or thinkers like Malay Roy Choudhury, Hafiz Rashid Khan, Raihan Ryne, Maznu Shah Etc. They are trying to know it. It is remarkable that having been attracted gorgeously by the philosophy, Bengali young writers are writing articles and prose, has also made special issue of their little magazine. The little magazine, Shonkhobash edited by Moheen Reeyad is mentionable here. For establishing the philosophy, the young writers who are working heart and soul are Shahinur Shaila, Tanvir Masud, Ali Reza, Suman Akonda etc.

The philosophy is being scattered all over the world with help of internet. By the weblog, named ‘Drishtantoism’, the philosophy is drawing attention to international readers and institutions as usual. Their comments prove that. The weblog is under Fineartsbd.com. As the news of the website, in Top Queries from Search Traffic, Drishtantoism is in the first place still now. In Facebook, a social network, the philosophy is being discussed highly by eastern and western readers and thinkers.

Derivative Meaning of Drishtantoism:

Definition of Drishtantoism:

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