The essence of Drishtantoism is observed in the derivative meaning of the word, Drishtantobad. The philosophy advocates for the displayed and observed existence, or for the nature which is visible or observable. To the philosophy, the thing which is materially changeable, transformable and presentable is useful or important. That is, importance of a thing depends on its changeableness or transformability.


Artistic Truth

According to the philosophy, the test of truth and falsehood or right and wrong is applicable only for the thing which is materially presentable. It accepts such type of thing as true. For this, the imagination or imaginary thing which is not realizable is staying at a distance from the question of truth and falsehood. Without opposing the thing Drishtantoists become answerless to it, stay at a distance from it. By the answerlessness about the thing, the indirectly consent to a man accepting it neither as true nor as false. So to speak in a word, they avoid all types of imaginary being or thing.


Avoiding conflict

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