How has the word ‘Drishtantoism’ been formed? The word is English translation of the Bengali word, Drishtantobad (Dristantobad). Drishtantobad is formed by the two words, ‘Drishto’ and ‘Bad’. The derivative definition of Drishtantoism is present in the couplet of the meaning of the mentioned two words. In Bangla, ‘Drishtanto’ means example, precedence, evidence, comparison etc. Drishtanto is also the similar reference and description of proving accuracy of something. And Drishtanto is formed by the two Bengali words, ‘Drishto’ and ‘Aunto’. ‘Drishto’ means ‘seen’, ‘noticed’, ‘observed’, ‘visible’, manifest’. ‘Aunto’ means ‘nature’, ‘exact intention’. Sometimes ‘Aunto’ is also used as suffix in the last of verbal root to mean present progressive tense. By the meaning, to understand ‘Drishtanto’, seen or visible nature of a thing has been indicated. To understand ‘Bad’, The English word ‘-ism’ is appropriate.

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