Shobuj Taposh

Shobuj Taposh (1977 AD, FeniBangladesh) is a philosopher poet of Bengali literature, a writer of two poem series and a scholastic prose, the founder of Drishtantoism (Bengali pronounced, Drishtantobad), and editor of the little magazine, Dheeu (

Shobuj Taposh is a searcher of new poem. By presenting the prose, (Journey for Enjoying Poetic Beauty in Drishtantoist sight), he has discerned the movement of Bengali literature of 21st century, and has founded the philosophy, Drishtantoism.

Drishtantoism is a philosophy which advocates for the sighted or examined form of thing or for the nature of the thing capable of being experimented or seen. ‘Neither theist nor atheist, but religious’ and ‘be good only for saving yourself and the world’ are the notable two propositions of the philosophy. Especially the philosophy works as a guideline of ultra-modern Bengali poetry. For detail, search:

The philosophy of Shobuj Taposh has already been scattered. Young writers of Bangladesh have accepted it earnestly. On the philosophy, they are writing essays in many little magazines, are making blog pages continuously. They are discussing the philosophy from other philosophical views.

For having philosophical view, it is thought that the literary voice of Shobuj Taposh is very different from the concurrent writers.

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